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Dessert Cakes

Our decadent dessert cakes are all 8" rounds Serves about 10 - 14 people 

 Please try to allow 4-6 days advance notice.  However, we often work miracles with shorter notice.

Black Forest Cake $59


Rich Chocolate Cake with a mouth watering red cherry filling topped with a freshly whipped cream frosting 

Supreme Carrot Cake $65

Moist carrot cake with chunks of walnuts, raisin and juicy pineapple, filled and frosted with a cream cheese butter cream

Smooth Carrot Cake $59

A rich and refined carrot cake that charms your palate with the essence of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and vanilla. Filled and frosted with a cream cheese butter cream

Chocolate Cake $49


Rich, moist chocolate cake with our chocolate buttercream frosting

Chocolate Cloud Cake $48


 Flour less chocolate cake topped with our

freshly whipped cream.​

Mint Chocolate Supreme Cake $61

Our signature chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse filling, frosted with mint butter cream and chocolate ganache

Humming Bird Cake $61

Spiced cake infused with moist pineapple, pecans and frosted with cream cheese butter cream

Lemon Cream Cake $61

White cake filled with a lemon curd and frosted with a whipped buttercream

Peanut Butter Chocolate
Ganache Cake $61

Our signature chocolate cake filled with chocolate peanut butter cups and frosted with peanut- butter buttercream and chocolate ganache

Pina Colada Cake $61

Coconut Cake with a pineapple filling and frosted with coconut butter cream

Sweet Strawberry Cake $61

Our white cake infused with fresh strawberries then frosted and filled with strawberry buttercream.  Topped with fresh strawberries or decorated per order

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